Snow is beautiful.

Falling free, big flakes and small ones. Each with a unique calling card from the heavens. Going this way and that, sometimes falling straight down. Maybe it will stick to the ground like a blanket cover or maybe it will just melt before it lands. Who knows? This crazy weather! One minute, one forecast. In a minutes time it can just change, just like that! It’s amazing how cold it is yet, it’s almost spring!

Snow is beautiful.

Lets begin….again

Ok, I have been away from my blog for, uh… 4 or 5 years!  I actually started it all over today,  out with the old and in with the new.

Wow, time flies, while  in the last 5 years, we have moved 3 times; two sons got married,  two granddaughters born, Jordyn (2) and Victoria (6mos) plus one more on the way!!! bought a car, Hubs started a new career! Bought a house!! Met some new/old friends . Started walking (well when its NICE outside!) I miss my lake walks! Started going to gym and exercise classes, again !  I began my “side hustle” with Paparazzi!! Really starting to find out who the REAL ME IS! Its taken 59 years to find her , but I am slowly peeling back the peel, little by little;  losing this,  gaining that .

I read alot, then read some more,  listened and watched….. ALOT!  I’ve volunteered with various organizations. We moved and bought  a wonderful home!  Began going to the gym and exercise classes again, SO MUCH FUN! AND I’ve lost 40 lbs(2018) and currently working at losing 20 more!!!

I have lost and gained so much in more ways than I can explain. But I am stronger and more grounded because of it. Healthier mentally, physically and spiritually.   I have always been a “chatty cathy” and I believe I DO have a lot to say, but have always preferred to talk to people one on oneimg_5157Since social media seems to be the way to say what you have to say; then here goes, again. lol

It will take me awhile to get back into the writing groove, but I will get there , I promise. I hope you’ll follow along!

I will try to add to it, on a weekly basis, maybe more as time allows. Friendship and comments are always welcome. Just please be kind. 🙂

I will share all  about my life, working out, my weight loss, family, fun times, marriage, friends, spirituality, Fibromyalgia, Vertigo, PTSD, unicorns, jewelry, fashion and more!